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The testimonials you are about to review are from actual clients. The people below all started right where you are today, wanting a change but didn’t know who to trust or where to start. These individuals took a chance in trusting us and found great success in reaching their financial goals. Whether getting approved for a home, car, refinance, credit card, business loan or just having a sense of debt relief, they all have reached their goal with the help of our professional services.  Now it’s YOUR TURN. We will provide the same quality service to you and your family. Let us help you.  We CAN help you! We will Go To War For You!

Client Reviews

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"Check this company out!!! They have helped us immensely with getting our credit in GREAT standing!!!  You won't be disappointed!"

-C. Smith – Thousand Oaks, CA

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"Love this company! She goes hard for her clients!  ☺"

-Kimmy G. – Houston, Tx

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"I see things falling off my credit! Thank you Monica at Crofton Financial Group!"

- Andrea Y.-Ypsilant, MI

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"Please include me!!!! Regarding the amazing job you have done with my credit. You have been a true blessing, Thank you for a fresh start!!!!"

-Cherie M. –Los Ageles, CA

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"Wow I got approved for Capital 1 for $300. This is my first credit card ever! Thank you Monica this means a lot to my future in business and my personal wellbeing". -L. Redmond- Compton,CA


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"I want to thank you so much for getting my credit together. I got approved for a house loan and with 3 of my scores it was 696. I will be contacting you next year to fix my husband’s credit. Thank you again."

–Angel H. -Cuyahoga Falls OH


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"When I contacted Crofton Financial Group (CCC) I did so out of the frustration of trying to figure out the confusing information you can get from the many credit companies out there.  Often when we think of credit services red flags fly up immediately…..but I was willing to take one more chance.  It was the best phone call I've ever made. EVER.  The knowledge shared with me by CCC was priceless. Seriously: Priceless. As it turned out my credit was not in shambles as I had feared and I was given sound advice about a few simple adjustments I could make that would raise my credit rating over 50 points in the coming few months!  The insider information that you will receive from CCC you will not find in any report you obtain on your own. This information is not just useful in the moment, it is information that you can apply for rest of your credit life. Keeping track of the ratings is only part of the process, paying on time is not the only good behavior necessary. When you know the parameters of "healthy credit" you can then navigate your own credit world. CCC gives you the tools to continue on the right course.  They are professional, patient and thorough. They will answer each and every question you will have as you move through the process.


For the very FIRST time in my life I feel confident about my financial future.  I encourage you to put your trust in CCC and make that call.  Take a step in the direction of your journey towards a healthy financial horizon.  You will be so very glad you did………….My best to you."

-Lynette T – San Gabriel, CA


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